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Need a Visa & Company Set-up specialist?

Professional solutions to the complex and challenging process of setting up a Company in Thailand are right here. We handle all the paperwork and will also secure your Work Permit, your Work Visa and we can even open a Company bank account for you with an ATM Card. 100% foreigner owned is available also. No hidden fees.

Our very own team of accountants will ensure that your companys’ Accounts and Tax returns are completed on time.

Our Visa experts can also secure 1 year E.D. Visas, Retirement Visas, Marriage Visas.

No Refusals Retirement Visas.

Fast, efficient and trusted. Use our contacts to cut through the Red Tape and let us to take the strain. We even have a Door to Door service available at no extra cost so if you can’t come to us we will come to you.

Please see the attached Promotion Sheet for further details. Corporate rates available too, please ask for a quote.

Thank You.

Tahir Chughtai B.Com, LLB. Partner

Mark L Hempstead L.I.H.P. C.E.O.


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